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Rescue Breaths In CPR. Should we do them?

wildernessAre you confused about wheather to give rescue breaths or not during CPR?

We know some people are. We have even heard that Paramedics are teaching that Nurses and other medical staff should not give rescue breath!

Well, let us explain the situation.


In 2012 The British Heart Foundation published a video with Vinne Jones that said "You only kiss your missus on the lips". But this video was designed for people who had no First Aid training. As we all know, doing something is better than doing nothing.


The Guidelines 2010 - Resuscitation Council (UK) stated that:

"Lay rescuers who are unable or unwilling to provide rescue breaths, should
be encouraged to give chest compressions alone. When advising untrained laypeople
by telephone, ambulance dispatchers should give instruction on compression-only


And most people miss enterperated that as the previous sentance stated:

"However, chest compression combined with rescue breaths is the method of choice for CPR by

trained lay rescuers and professionals and should be the basis for lay-rescuer


To clarify this, The British Heart Foundation changed their campaign to  "Call, Push, Rescue" and stated that rescue breaths, should, infact, be given where possible.


The Guidelines 2015 - Resuscitation Council (UK) also reinforces this point by stating:

"Only if rescuers are unable to give rescue breaths should they do compression-only CPR"


This should now clarify that you should indeed attempt rescue breaths if you have had First Aid training. As a first aid instructor, you should clearly be teaching rescue breaths.

We would always recommend that you use a protective barrier like a Face Shield or Pocket Mask when conducting rescue breaths. your social media marketing partner

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